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"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear."

                                                  - Mark Twain

The mind and body work together simultaneously to carry you through life. They are undeniably intertwined.

A continually stressed mind can yield an unhealthy body and in turn, deepen the tensions of the mind. A mind that visualizes great achievement can be powerful, but without the support of a healthy body, it can be powerless.

Fusion 360 was founded on the principle that the mind and body need to be uplifted together. Our mission does not end in the gym but rather continues beyond as a mindset and as a lifestyle.

Fusion 360 is fitness, performance, health, and a wholesome way of life. 

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Personal Training and Classes

We Put Your Needs First

Personal Training

With a strong focus on the individual, this program is custom tailored for the unique goals and experience level of each client.


Group Training

Training up to four people in one group, this program gives you a balance between personal attention and high energy group camaraderie.

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Group Classes

From boxing to TRX training to many more, each one of our classes comes with high intensity. These are not your regular workouts, this is where weakness is expelled.


Using gravity and body weight to perform exercises, TRX suspension training is yielding results for people of all levels! It is a total body workout that increases muscle endurance and develops a strong core! 


45 minutes of cycling for all fitness levels.

With a mix of hills, speed drills, jumps, and interval training you are guaranteed to sweat!


60 minutes of high-intensity interval training! Each workout consists of a mix of cardio and strength training combined for maximum calorie burn and high energy fun!


Special Events

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, getting together with co-workers, or even hosting a bachelorette party, Fusion360 is here to create a heart-pumping, private fitness class personalized just for your group!

You want TRX training and cycling combined? You got it! If you want us to design a class for you, we can do that too!

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Fitness Menu

Free Fitness 360 Assessment

Call us to book a time for a free assessment so that we can ensure that we tailor the correct training for your personal level!

Introductory Rate - First Month

With this introductory rate, you have access to an unlimited number of classes during your FIRST month with us!

Specialty Fitness Class

Have a customized class that you would like for us to put together for you? This is the option for you!

1 Class Package

One time payment for one class of your choice!

5 Class Package

5 classes of your choice! Expires in 1 month

12 Class Package

12 classes of your choice! Expires in 3 months

24 Class Package

24 classes of your choice! Expires in 6 months

1 Month Unlimited Classes

The name says it all! Attend as many classes as you can fit in your schedule in one month and feel the burn!

2 Month Unlimited Classes

The names says it all! Attend as many classes as you can fit in your schedule in two months and feel the burn!

Personal Training

Call in to schedule an appointment with one of our trainers!

Group Training

Call in and schedule a class for up to 4 people!

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Are you to ready to get started?

South Lakes Village Shopping Center

11130 D South Lakes Dr
Reston, VA  20191


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